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Chris Cozen

Chris Cozen Fine Art

Pasadena, CA


Acrylic and Mixed Media Artist, Instructor and Author. Workshops available upon request.

Colorful, intuitive and often whimsical, Chris Cozen's pieces delight the eye.

Chris is an educator and self-taught mixed media artist as well as a Golden Artist Colors Golden Certified Working Artist. She lectures and teaches throughout Southern California and beyond. Chris has authored three books with Design Originals: ALTERED SURFACES, TRANSFERS & ALTERED IMAGES, and MIXED MEDIA & COLOR. She teaches online in The Land of Lost Luggage Network. Her new book released in Spring 2013: Acrylic Solutions: Exploring Mixed Media Layer by Layer has been holding the #1 slot in Amazon's Painting, Acrylic, and Mixed Media categories. Chris produced a series of Instructional DVD's with supporting materials!

Worshops can be tailored to your personal or group's specific needs. Whether it is 2 hours or 3 days, Chris will design a workshop with your agenda in mind. Trained as a Certified Golden Working Artist, Chris is an expert on the mechanics and applications of Acrylic products and is an innovative and engaging instructor.Online instruction is available at Books and DVD's through Design Originals, North Light, and Artist Network TV.



Greeting Dawn by Chris Cozen


Summer's coming by Chris Cozen


Scattered by Chris Cozen


Full Bloom by Chris Cozen


Gilded Galaxy by Chris Cozen


The Jesters by Chris Cozen


Story time by Chris Cozen


Cracking the code by Chris Cozen


Bursting with Movement by Chris Cozen


Elegant Dancers by Chris Cozen


Bashful by Chris Cozen


Embrace by Chris Cozen


Little Bits by Chris Cozen


Blue Galaxy by Chris Cozen


Just Pinky by Chris Cozen


Just a Bite by Chris Cozen


Scattered by Chris Cozen


Birds Night Out by Chris Cozen


Morning Blooms by Chris Cozen


The Menagerie by Chris Cozen